Le Roverelle

Linea Zuc di Volpe

Le Roverelle


Le Roverelle, with its characteristic straw-yellow colour, is a well-balanced wine in its aroma-structure ratio. The first sensation to be found in this wine is the great harmony between the creamy, Pinot Bianco-dependent characteristics and the vibrant acidity of the Sauvignon, which make this wine elegant and intense.

Doctor wine
95 points


Le Roverelle engages and fascinates both when drunk as an aperitif away from meals, and when paired with shellfish, and fish, but also with first courses where tomato or pepper is present.

Serving temperature 10-12 °C
GrapesPinot Bianco, Sauvignon
Production approx. 3,500 bottles
Minimum duration 7-8 years
Fermentation In steel and large cask
Refinement In glass

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