Located in the heart of the DOC zone of the Colli Orientali of Friuli and built at the end of the sixteenth century, Volpe Pasini is one of the oldest wineries in North East Italy.

Wine Producers
from the XVIII Century

The heart of the complex, with its offices and the cellar is comprised of a heritage villa, dating from 1596 and a complex of buildings which surround the villa. Inside the property of 20,000 square metres is found the centuries old park and a small vineyard of Ribolla Gialla, which recalls the wine vocation of Volpe Pasini. Dating from the eighteenth century there are documents which testify to the wine production on the property. The company since then has always expressed a purely agricultural vocation, and in the second half of the twentieth century it became exclusively wine producing.

During the 70’s along with other “pioneering producers”, Volpe Pasini carried Friulian winemaking into Italy and the world. Leaving behind the logic of wines in demijohns, they concentrated their energies into the research for excellence and into the close examination of new outlets in the international markets (above all USA and Germany). Now days Volpe Pasini sells 50% of its wines outside Italy, through a solid commercial network more than thirty years old. Today Volpe Pasini is more vital and competitive than before, having found once again the solid base and the innovative willingness which has made it, during the past decades, one of the most important wineries of Friuli Venezia Giulia.


Originality, Longevity, Pleasantness.

We can condense the production philosophy into three key words: Originality (provided by the land, unequalled and exclusive), Longevity, Pleasantness. Above all the first must attract our attention and requires careful study. The grapevine is a special plant which like no other has the capacity to transfer into the grapes the spirit of the earth in which it grows. In excellent terroir it succeeds in producing grapes which are original and different from those grown in any other part of the world. This is the quintessence of the grape vine and the principal motive for the existence of those who are passionate about wine. This is an unequalled phenomenon for breadth and intensity in the entire food world. For originality, it is the objective and the condition necessary to achieve it. Above all you must underline that man must do his part to treat, protect and preserve that which nature is willing to give. This is Volpe Pasini.

A single and united team, with competencies which range from the old wisdom of the farm workers to the most advanced innovations.

If the ‘keys’ of wine creation reside in winemaker Lorenzo Landi’s inspiration, a true star of Italian winemaking, the relationships between clients and the suppliers, the public relations, the work in the fields and the cellar are in the hands of a young and dynamic staff, capable of mediating between tradition and the opening to new frontiers. The Volpe Pasini wine is due to all and never, ever to a single person.To a small yet big, young team with a centuries old heart.

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