Soil, subsoil
microclimate make
grape vine unique.

52 hectares of vineyards, of which half are for white grapes and half are for red grapes, on the hills of Togliano and Prepotto, in the best wine growing areas of the Friuli Colli Orientali area.

In the field, soil, subsoil, topography and microclimate render each vine unique.
In the cellar, old traditions and modern technologies elevate and transform special grapes into extraordinary wines. It is thus that in every bottle you will find a world of tastes, of land, of tradition and in the name of uniqueness within typicality.

Zuc di Volpe

A natural
amphitheatre serving
fine winemaking.

This magnificent vineyard, situated in Togliano and always part of the family property, represents the iconic quality of Volpe Pasini.
Since the ‘60’s only the very best wines deserved the ‘Zuc di Volpe’ label.
In the Italian winemaking world, the cru Zuc di Volpe has the historic merit of having produced the grapes which would become perhaps the first Italian bottled Pinot Bianco. Thus was born the Pinot Zuc 1933.

The Prepotto

An Aztec pyramid
in the heart of Friuli
wine growing.

About ten hectares, the Prepotto vineyard is, together with Zuc di Volpe, one of the great ‘crus’ of Volpe Pasini. Found in the hills of Prepotto, a natural calling for fine red wines, this vineyard is a single cru for Merlot. Its splendid graded shape, recalls the Aztec pyramids.
An oven during the day and very cold at night, this confers on the Merlot grapes a refined Nordic elegance combined with an intriguing Mediterranean complexity.


Intense Freshness.

Located around the walls of Villa Rosa, the vineyard denominated Zanolli covers an area of ​​15 hectares from which we extract the freshest and liveliest soul of the Volpe Pasini’s wines. This historic vineyard represents a harmonious balance between nature and man’s work. The maniacal order of the vineyard embroiders the landscape around the historic Venetian villa.

The Mura’s Garden

The Elegance of the Only One.

The vineyard of the Mura’s garden represents the most romantic union between man and the vine. It is in fact “closed” by the corporate walls as in France happens for the big Cru. As a reminder of the strong vocation for the Volpe Pasini area, it has been planting and replanting the Ribolla Gialla since 1800, the pride of the company’s production.

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