History, tradition, culture and innovation.

Quality for Volpe Pasini is made by accumulated historic wisdom, by generations bending over the grapevines, and the ineffable emotions from the first tasting in the cellar. Hence the wonder, every year, of finding wines which are always new and always old, with a capacity to whisper the tender secrets of the land, gathering the scents and the flavours of every blade of grass, the colours of every sunset. This is the Volpe Pasini choice: a choice of land, of people, of quality.

Production is divided into 60% white wine and 40% red wine.

White winemaking rigorously follows technical principles which are the result of all the interpretations of the physical and biological evolution of fermentation phenomenon. We have adopted both the technology of rigorous reduction in order to obtain intense aromatic elegance, and the technique of criomaceration to heighten the structure of the wine. It was a company choice to focus on the creation of significant red wines. This has been achieved by a strategy of contained production and a vinification that during the phase of maceration aims at a careful extraction of the tannins. Implicit therefore, are very long macerations.


The splendid barriqueria,
heart of the cellar
and repository
of fine products.

The splendid ambience of the ‘barriqueria’ is the heart of the cellar and the repository of extraordinary prized products. Here the wines have a place in which to age and mature. The Volpe Pasini red wines also age here, such as ‘Focus’ now valued throughout the world and created at the end of the 90’s from ‘Project Merlot’, a project conceived to raise awareness of valued red wines, in a land of excellent white wines. The wines initially rough and harsh, with time and in the right wood, spontaneously acquire a soft structure and the necessary bouquet.

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